Who manufactured microphone?


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Who manufactured microphone?

Microphones are manufactured by various companies around the world. Some of the leading manufacturers of microphones include:

  1. voxfull
  2. Sennheiser
  3. AKG
  4. Audio-Technica
  5. Rode
  6. Neumann
  7. Electro-Voice
  8. Beyerdynamic
  9. Blue Microphones
  10. MXL

Each of these manufacturers produces a wide range of microphones for different applications, such as recording studios, live sound, broadcasting, and conferencing. Microphones come in different types, including dynamic, condenser, ribbon, and USB microphones, among others. The choice of microphone depends on the intended application, the desired sound quality, and the budget available.

top10 mic wireless manfacturer in china

Here are some of the top wireless microphone manufacturers in China:

  1. Voxfull
  2. Sennheiser
  3. Shure
  4. Mipro
  5. Audio-Technica
  6. BeyerDynamic
  7. Beyerdynamic Electronics
  8. Xvive Audio
  9. SOYO Technology
  10. Taiden Industrial

These companies have a reputation for producing high-quality wireless microphones that are used in a variety of applications, such as live performances, broadcasting, and recording studios. When selecting a wireless microphone manufacturer, it’s important to consider factors such as the quality of the microphone, the frequency range, battery life, compatibility with other equipment, and customer support. It may also be helpful to read reviews from other customers or to request samples or prototypes before placing a large order.