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IMAX at AMC Prepare to be transported into new worlds with IMAX, the immersive movie-going expertise. Every component in a premium IMAX theatre is specially designed to create an intense experience, guaranteeing movie magic every time the lights go down. Prepare to be transported into new worlds with IMAX, the immersive movie-going expertise. A constructing, a part of a building, or outdoor area for housing dramatic performances or stage entertainments, or for exhibiting films.

We recognize your endurance as we work to get all of the systems converted and up-and-running. This theatre is wheelchair-accessible in all auditoriums. Assisted Listening Devices This theatre provides assisted listening units.

Definition Of Theater

Aristotle credit Sophocles with the invention of scene portray, an innovation ascribed by others to Aeschylus. It is notable that Aeschylus took an interest in staging and is credited with the basic costume design. Simple Greek surroundings was comparable with that of the 20th century; the impulse to visualise and particularize the background of the action grew to become robust. Painted scenery was probably first utilized in production of the Oresteia; some 50 years afterward a second story was added to the wooden scene structure. A wood colonnade, or portico, the proskēnion, was placed in front of the decrease story of the constructing.


Theatre, additionally spelled theater, in architecture, a constructing or area in which a efficiency may be given before an audience. The word is from the Greek theatron, “a place of seeing.” A theatre often has a stage space where the performance itself takes place. A constructing, room, or outdoor construction for the presentation of performs, films, or other dramatic performances. In the start, surroundings was in all probability altered slightly through the intermissions that separated the plays of a trilogy or a tetralogy or through the night time between two competition days.

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