The Wombats

The WombatsThe Wombats were created in Liverpool by resident Scousers Matthew Murphy (lead vocals, guitar keyboard) and Dan Haggis (Drums, percussion, backing vocals) joined by Norwegian Tord Øverland-Knudsen (bass guitar, backing vocals).

The indie rockers were signed to 14th Floor Records (UK) and Roadrunner Records (US) and within 3 years of being active were releasing their first single Girls, Boys and Marsupials in Japan.

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

The band met while studying at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and began to practice together.

The Japan-only release was followed up by a limited release vinyl release called Moving to New York charting at #13 in January 2007 before their third single release Backfire at the Disco reached #35 in the British Singles Chart in May that year.

This led to major record company involvement and in July 2007 Kill the Director was released as the bands first single on a label.

A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation

October 2007 brought the bands debut album called The Wombats Proudly Present: A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation with this record peaking at #11 in the UK album chart.

The debut album was released at the same time as Let’s Dance to Joy Division, a single that really announced the band to the UK, charting at #15.

The band toured this album around Europe with a final thanksgiving show at the Liverpool Echo Arena kicking off the European Capital of Culture celebrations in January 2008.

Moving to New York was re-released in early 2008 and reached #13 while Let’s Dance to Joy Division was selected the Best Dancefloor Filler in February 2008 at the NME Awards.

US singles charts

April 2008 brought the bands first foray into the US singles charts with The Wombats EP while the band embarked on a UK tour as well as appearing in Japan and Europe.

The major UK festivals were gigged in 2008 including performances at Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading festivals and T in the Park.

The band made a play for a Christmas hit in December 2008 with an anti-Christmas release called Is This Christmas? The single reached #48.

After break-neck recording and touring the band had a quiet 2009 with their only release being March 2009’s My Circuitboard City which charted at #69.

This Modern Glitch

2010 brought the recording of the bands second studio album, This Modern Glitch expected to be released in 2011.

The first single released from This Modern Glitch was Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves and debuted at #23 on the British Singles Chart, their 5th Top 40 hit.

The bands second single from the new album Jump into the Fog was released on 24th January 2011.

This Modern Glitch is scheduled for release on 11th April 2011 with the third single from the album Techno Fan expected to hit music stores on March 28th 2011.