The Remo Four

The Remo Four photo.In 1958 vocalist and guitarist Colin Manley born in Old Swan, Liverpool in 1942 and guitarist Philip Rogers formed ‘The Remo Quartet’ with rhythm section Keith Stokes guitarist, and Harry Prythech on drums.

The band started playing small gigs and parties but soon progressed to more professional work when in 1959 the name was changed to ‘The Remo Four’.

The band played a mixture of cover material from ‘The Shadows ‘To ‘The Everly Brothers’ with an excellent vocal harmony mix.

The band became very popular and was voted the number three most popular Mersey band in a 1961 Mersey Beat poll.

They were popular with other bands and played the same gigs The Cavern and the Tower New Brighton.

They also played regularly at The Odd Spot in Bold Street. This was considered to be a cut above the rest of the clubs.

American Air Force base in Fance

Unlike other Merseyside bands who played Hamburg regularly, the band predominantly worked in France at the American Air Force bases where they developed their talent and tightened up their stage sound and performance.

In 1962 the band gained another band member Johnny Sandon.

The following Year Prythech left and the band were contracted to the Epstein Stable with a new singer (assigned to them by Epstein) Tommy Quickly.

The single ‘On The Tip Of My Tongue‘ was released on ‘Piccadilly Records’ but did not do very well.

The band also recorded the ‘Peter Gunn’ Instrumental with Colin Manley’s great guitar playing using a Fender Stratocaster, a rare guitar around Liverpool at the time.

None of their few singles did very well but they were well appreciated by other bands who would watch them when not performing themselves.

If the truth be known the records did not represent the bands real ability, or capture the magic of their live performances.

“Smile” The Album

Interestingly, Colin Manley was playing guitar behind his head before Hendrix’s appearance in Liverpool in 1967/8. ‘Smile’ the album was released in 1967.

By this time the band started changing with different members including Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington.

They backed George Harrison on his solo project, album for the film ‘Wonderwall’. The band became ‘Ashton, Gardner and Dyke’ who had some success.

Colin Manley died 9 April 1999, Tony Ashton also died on 28 May 2001. Keith Stokes died on 19 June 2010. Don Andrew still lives on Merseyside.