The Mojos

Photo of The MojosIn Liverpool ‘Everythin’s Alright’ was The Mojos theme song as it was their most popular hit even though it only reached number 9 in the national charts in 1964.

Their other singles ‘Seven Daffodils’ and ‘Why Not Tonight’ reached number 30 and 25.

They were a good live band and performed well on the local scene and like most other Merseybeat bands they played ‘The Star Club’ in Hamburg, Germany.

The band line up had changed regularly from the original band which was called ‘The Nomads’ and was formed by guitarist Roy Wood, bass player Keith Karlson and drummer John Runt.

Later Stuart James joined on lead vocals/piano, with Adrian Lord on guitar/vocals and Bob Konrad on drums, replacing John Runt. Timothy Steveley (Terry O’Toole) came in on piano by George Harrison‘s suggestion. Roy Wood the founder member left in mid 1963. This was the final line up in August 1963.

The initial singles ‘My whole life through’ and ‘They say you found a new baby’ didn’t do anything chart wise and in October 63 another change was instigated with Adrian Lord being replaced by Nicky Crouch of ‘Faron’s Flamingos’.

This was the line-up which produced the bands three charting aforementioned singles.

But in October 1964 due to more changes the band became ‘Stu James and The Mojos’ with the famous Aynsley Dumbar on drums and Lewis Collins (The Professionals TV series) on bass.

The band continues today under the name ‘Nicky Crouches Mojos’ using members from other well known Merseybeat bands.