The Liverbirds

Photo of The Liverbirds.The Liverpool Liver Buildings are part of the City’s important and historic sea heritage. On top of each tower is a strange looking fictional bird known as the Liverbird, now the most well known and often used symbol of the city.

This was taken and used in the sixties as the name of an all girl group.

The Liverbirds were the first all female rock and roll band ever to come out of Merseyside and probably one of the few in the world at this time.

Woman’s Rights

Women, even in the sixties, were struggling for equality with their male counter parts and this bunch of rocking females were quite definitely breaking into a man’s world.

The group were formed in 1963 changing only one member to arrive at the final line up which consisted of two guitar /vocalists Valerie Gell and Pamela Birch with Sylvia Saunders on drums and Mary McGlory on bass guitar and vocals.

German Success

Not achieving much success in their hometown they followed their male counterparts to the German city of Hamburg.

At the famous Star Club they became one of the most popular bands filling the club for almost every performance.

The group released a number of singles including the Bo Diddley song ‘Diddley Daddley’ which reached number 5 in the German top forty.

They also released two albums which sold reasonably well. The band spent most of their time in Germany and three of them settled there after the band split in 1968.

Sylvia Saunders went to live in Alicante Spain with John her husband. Mary McGlory now runs a German publishing Company. Pamela Birch died in Hamburg aged 65.