The Escorts

Black and white photograph of the band The Escorts.The Escorts where formed by three lads from Morrison school for boys in Allerton sometime during October 1962, Terry Sylvester and Mike Gregory are probably better known than the third lad John Kinkade.

They were joined by John Foster on Drums and Ray Walker on lead vocals. Terry played bass and both John and Mike played Guitar, All three did backing vocals.

During 1963 the band started to make a name locally often being mentioned in local papers like The Mersey Beat.

There were many changes in drummers over the years including Pete Clarke, Kenny Goodlas, Tommy Kelly and Paul Comerford, Terry Sylvester who was to join The Hollies later in 1966 was replaced by Frank Townsend who was succeeded by Paddy Chambers from The Big Three.

The band didn’t make a big impact throughout the country, but locally they were well respected and played alongside all their more famous counterparts in all the local clubs like The Iron Door, The Cavern and The Blue Angel.

During their time together they released six singles between April 1964 and December 1966.

Dizzy Miss Lizzy – April 1964 Fontana
The One To Cry – June 1964 Fontana
I Don’t Want To Go On Without You – 1965 Fontana
C’mon Home Baby – 1965 Fontana
Let It Be Me – January 1966 Fontana
From Head To Toe – December 1966 Columbia (On which Paul McCartney is said to have played tambourine).

Elvis Costello took an interest in the band and in 1983 Put together and released an album on Edsel Records called From The Blue Angel consisting of 12 songs (the six singles plus the B sides). It was rereleased in 1995 on CD.

Terry Sylvester is still playing in Canada (where he lives) and the USA. Mike Gregory is a solo performer. John Kinkade stopped playing when the band split in 1967. Pete Clarke became the in house drummer at Apple Studios.