River City People

River City People album cover.River City People had only limited success but did become something of a household name certainly in Liverpool, their home town.

They released eight singles and three albums from their foundation in 1986 to their final split in the latter months of 1991 into early 1992.

The four piece band were folk/rock influenced with nice melodic harmonies.

Their cover of the The Mamas and the Papas single California Dreaming was probably their most successful record released as a double A side with ‘Carry the Blame’ in 1990.

UK Singles Success

This reached number 13 in the UK charts. During or just after their split in 1992 ‘Standing in the Need of Love’ was released and did quite well to reach 36 in the UK top 40.

Their albums also did quite well. ‘Say something Good’ (1990) reached 23 in the UK and This is the World (1991) reached 56 in the UK. The best of… is available as downloads on iTunes.

Vocalist Siobhan Maher formed the band with brothers Tim and Paul Speed on guitar and drums plus Bass player Dave Snell. The band were seen on the Channel 4 Chart Show and signed to EMI shortly after. Their first single ‘(What’s Wrong With) Dreaming?’ was released in 1989. It reached number 70 in the UK charts and launched the band on their short lived but popular career together.