Hot Club de Paris

Hot Club de ParisHot Club de Paris is a band from Liverpool formed by two brothers in 2004. Mathew Cameron Smith and his brother Alasdair form the core of the band joining up with their mutual friend Paul Rafferty to complete the line-up.

The band consists of Matthew Smith on lead guitar and vocals while Paul Rafferty also contributes vocals to the band while playing bass guitar and occasionally baritone guitar. Alasdair Smith is drummer in the band and also gives the band a third vocal allowing the band to produce three-part harmonies like those heard at the start of their 2007 single Shipwreck.

Moshi Moshi records

The band signed to London based Moshi Moshi records in 2005 releasing their first single


on the record label also in 2005. A second single everythingeverythingeverything was released 1st October 2006 followed by the band’s first album just a week later.

Drop It ‘til it Pops was well received by critics but the record did not really make a splash in a commercial manner. However the band embarked on a worldwide tour in support of the record taking in territories including Europe, the US and Scandinavia while playing hundreds of gigs.

Christmas single?

2007 brought three more single releases for the band the first of which came on 29 January of that year with the song Shipwreck, a song about Liverpool drinking hot spot Le Bateau.

The record, supported by a promotional video made by the band, charted at #153 in the UK singles chart. The bands second release of the year A Clockwork Toy was also supported by a video and featured a cover of Paul Simons classic Call Me Al as a B-side to the original single, which was the last to come from the album Drop it ‘til it Pops.

The band then took the slightly unusual step, for an indie band at least, to release a Christmas single. The song, Will You Still Love Me Next Year, is an attempt to uncover the true meaning of Christmas, that meaning being that people fall about drunk and then fall out hoping that the festive tears will not last beyond the festive celebrations.

Recorded by David Beck

2008 brought a new single release on 26 May, the song being Hey Housebrick a catchy track all about the M56 motorway and the towns and villages that it weaves past. The band, in a similar fashion to their first album release, gave their second LP to the world very soon after releasing the first single from the album. Titled Live at Dead Lake the album was recorded in Chicago by David Beck and again received some excellent critical attention and once again embarked upon an extensive tour to promote it.

The band then released the second and final single from the album My Little Haunting released on 29 September 2008 just after Live at Dead Lake had been unleashed on the German music buying public.

With Days like This as Cheap as Chewing Gum

The band did not release any new material in 2009 but they did continue playing numerous gigs around the world. 2010 first brought an EP release With Days like This as Cheap as Chewing Gum, Why Would Anyone Want to Work?

Continuing the bands penchant for extravagantly long song and album titles the name was taken from a Matthew Welton poem called The ABC of American Suicide.

The next release would also be in the extended player (EP) format and its title The Rise and Inevitable Fall of the High School Suicide Cluster Band was garnished with media attention again for its lengthy name (however many critics would argue that the music was not bad either).

The band continue to play international venues, and as I am writing this, will likely have just finished playing in Spain at the Sala El Sol venue in Madrid.

They have played with the likes of Jamie T (who remixed their song Shipwreck), Joan of Arc and The Who and with the ascendance of contemporaries like Vampire Weekend, the future still looks big for Hot Club de Paris.

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