Faron’s Flamingos

Faron’s FlamingosThe Hi Hats, a Skiffle group of no great note, changed their name to The Ravens and then Robin and The Ravens. But this band was not to gain any real reputation until they were joined by Billy Ruffley who became known as Faron. The band became Faron and The Flamingo’s at the suggestion of Cavern DJ Bob Wooler.

This line up of talent included the fantastic drummer Trevor Morals who later became the drummer with the Rock/Jazz ensemble The Peddlers. A couple of The Flamingo’s players included Nicky Crouch on Guitar and also Paddy Chambers later of The Big Three. Faron became famous for his crazy antics on stage and DJ Bob Wooler called him “the panda footed prince of prance” when introducing him on stage at the Cavern. This was a good description of this really animated performer, a true showman.

Signed by Oriole Records

Oriole Records signed the band as their reputation and popularity had grown enormously by mid 1963. Songs were released on Mersey Beat compilations, but the singles did not do well. ‘Do You Love Me’ should have been a hit for Faron but Brian Poole and The Tremeloes released it also and it was their version that charted in the UK.

In 1964 Faron and Paddy joined The Big Three and The Flamingo’s disbanded. Faron lived in France for a time entertaining the French audiences with his crazy style and he became quite well known there. On his return to Liverpool in the 1970’s Faron reformed the band which for a time included Brian Jones (Ex Undertakers) on Saxophone.

Faron once again returned to Germany in the 1980s as like so many other bands of the merseybeat era he had toured there in the sixties. They performed and toured the old gigs until finally they split again in 1989.

Despite the seriousness of a heart attack in 1992, Faron went back to work until the band gave a final performance in 2005.