Deaf School

Black and white photo of Deaf School playing live.The Deaf School were formed at Liverpool Art College Hope Street in 1973/74.

They were a well educated group of artists and musicians who played regularly upstairs at O’Connor’s pub in Liverpool across the road from the famous Philharmonic Rooms in Renshaw Street.

This is where the foundation of the band was laid through live rehearsals and performance, the band grew in strength and popularity quite quickly on the local scene as there was no similar band with such revolutionary musical ideas.

First album released

In 1976 the first album was released 2nd honeymoon followed by “Don’t Stop the World” in 1977 and “English boys Working Girls” in 1978.

No doubt it was during this time Clive Langer began to recognize his ability as a producer; he later proved his production skills with David Bowie, Madness, Morrissey, and many more.

They disbanded in 1978/9 with all the members pursuing personal projects in the Music and Arts Industries.

The Band Reformed

It wasn’t until ten years later in 1988 that the band reformed for a live gig in their town of origin Liverpool.

A live album ‘2nd Coming’ was released from this performance produced by Clive Langer and Julian Wheatley.

The band did not continue to perform and would not reform again until 2006, but they did release a great album in 2003 ‘What a Way To End It All’.

The bands next appearance was at The New Flying Picket in Liverpool when it reopened on the 27th of May 2006.

The band was never a great touring band and would play as few as 10 gigs in a year, but their music/art concept had a very positive effect on the music scene influencing many young bands.

In December 2007 they took to the stage again for a few more concerts which included the Everymen Theatre Liverpool and a few venues in London.


2009 saw the re-release of their first three albums all remastered with new added tracks, and the band played ten live performances, not done since the mid 70s when they first began performing.

Sadly Sam Davis died in January 2010, but the band have decided to carry on announcing a new mini album and dates for 2011.

Deaf School’s official website.