Atomic Kitten

Girl band Atomic KittenThe girl band Atomic Kitten was a contrived idea formulated by Andy McCluskey from Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark.

The girls were brought together by Andy in 1997 having seen the success of the Spice Girls, Take That and other similar vocal line ups.

All the Girls of the band were obviously chosen for looks and vocal ability, and they could all sing unlike other performers of the boy/girl group idiom, having heard Natasha Hamilton when she was about 17 years old, I know she has a great voice.

3 UK number 1 records

The group where without doubt a great success for Andy and the girls producing 3 UK number 1 records, “Whole Again”, “Eternal Flame” (Originally The Bangles), “The Tide is High” (Originally Blondie, The Paragons) and 2 platinum albums ‘Right Now’ and ‘Feels So Good’ both were number 1 hits in the UK Album charts.

The original line up had initially changed quite quickly as Heidi Range left and was replaced by Natasha Hamilton. So the final line up which had been almost 2 years in development was Natasha, Liz McClarron and Kerry Katona. The first single “Right Now” did well when it was released in 1999 and entered the UK top ten.

A decision was made for the group to do an Asian tour which proved to be a good business move as they gained their first number 1 hit with “Cradle”.

First Album ‘Right Now’

The first album ‘Right Now’ when first released did not perform well in the UK reaching only number 39 and Innocent records about to drop them decided on a last pitch with the single “Whole Again” the record was a massive number 1 hit Worldwide and changed the whole course of the group’s career.

Kerry was replaced at this time due to pregnancy. Her replacement was Jenny Frost.

‘Right Now’ was Re-released with slight changes from the original format and this time went double platinum.

In 2002/3 while working on a new album the group split with their founder Andy McCluskey.

The first single “It’s Ok” from the album ‘Feels so Good’ did not do well but the subsequent releases as already mentioned did very well as did the album.

The group toured in Asia early in 2003, Natasha took her new born son Josh with them. Later the same year they worked with Cool and the Gang on the Album ‘Ladies Night’ which went platinum. Then in 2004 they decided to take a break.

The group performed many live shows after their return to the stage at Nokia’s New Years Eve party in December 2004. They also recorded a version of local girl Cilla Black’s single “Anyone who had a Heart”.

The band has not worked together since 2008. Natasha has gigged with her own band.

Official Atomic Kitten website.