Anathema playing livePagan Angel was the name the band formed under in 1990. One of the original gothic metal bands, they were fairly successful on that scene and their first demo was well received.

The original band members were Daniel Kavanaghand and Vincent Kavanagh on guitars, Jamie Kavanagh on bass, Darren White on vocals and John douglas on drums.

EP Crestfallen released

Pagan Angels second demo ‘All Faith is Lost’ was recorded during their transition to Anathema in 1991.

This project brought them to the attention of Peaceville Records who signed them. The band released the EP ‘Crestfallen’ and their first album, which both gained serious media attention.

When not working in the Studio, the band toured constantly in Europe and Brazil.

Vincent took the lead vocal role when Darren White left the band in mid 1995.

The band release the album ‘Eternity’ in 1996 and ‘Judgement’ in 1999. Vincent brought a far more melodic singing style to the band.

In 1998 John Douglas had left the band only to return to the fold a short time later.

The last member to join the band’s present line up was in 2000 was Lee Douglas (John’s sister).


Full of their music’s depressive expression of desperation, the album ‘Judgement’ was released in 1999 the same year as Les Smith joined on Keyboards to become a permanent member of the band.

There were a few changes in the line up over the next couple of years with Daniel Kavanagh leaving in 2002 but returned in 2003 for the European tour of the atmospheric ‘A Natural Disaster’.

By 2005/6 the bands where without a record label due to the ever-expanding Sony Corporation buying out Music for Nations who they had been signed too.

The band continued playing live gigs and used the internet to promote their music, releasing tracks on their website.

In 2008/9 the band toured extensively in the UK and Europe playing new material. They release a new album ‘We’re here because we’re Here’ in May 2010. The band played a gig in their home town Liverpool on 21 December 2010.

Official Anathema website here.